Who else is stuck in Suez canal tech investment?

It is not too long ago since each of our families had a ‘go-to’ supermarket where the store assistant would save the last loaf of bread because you are a regular. Or in a cloth store in the locality where the seller knew your favourite brands and styles. Did they truly cared for you to come back to their business for a repeat purchase or Was it in their nature as people to make you feel valued? Nevertheless, this interactive experience of buying was a bliss.

Most often than not, they knew more than just the transaction. They know your children, and in which grade they are in. They simply connected with their customers. This human connect is essentially CX or customer experience as we call it. This is the most dynamic and most challenging aspect of any businesses or industries today. Without a proper CX strategy in place, all investments in tech that you make, is like getting stuck in the Suez Canal. Here are three points of view to ponder upon for any kind of business, B2B or B2C, Multi billion enterprise or a start up in stealth mode

1. Am I making it easy for my customers to communicate with me?

Whatever stage – a prospect, a lead, a new customer, or an existing customer, having a two way and fully functional channel of communication is vital to good customer experience. No! I am not talking about your multi-language call centre who follow scripted conversations but, true heroes of customer communication who truly care about the customer and his needs.

2. Am I making it easy for my customer to consume my service or product fully and understand the value from that?

Starting from Apple buyers to B2B software buyers, sometimes (Read it as most times), the buyer doesn’t fully understand the potential of what he pays for, what he is enjoying and what could he avail more. Helping your customers reap this value is fundamental to customer delight. Imagine your waiter bringing you a complimentary cheesecake because your party exceeded a minimum set bill – Yeah, that’s the CX delight and it’s a business prerogative to bring it for growth.

3. Am I keeping my customer at the centre and not my business or my priorities?

This again is a shift in perspective that is required from every single person in the company - employee to salesperson to the CEO. Your entire organization should be structured around customer and not around your product or service. This customer obsession must reflect in every interaction. This will weave every moment of truth for the customer into delightful and memorable moments. For e.g. You can create business unit’s of each segment or persona of your business instead of traditional product line P&Ls. This helps you set up a customer centric culture

And there is enough technology in the market to help you address these questions at scale and with accuracy. Talk with us today to set up your CX strategy