Leadership during Crisis

I believe anyone who stands up in times of crisis and displays situational brilliance is a leader. Leadership qualities are always important and it becomes all the more important especially during crisis. As I started listing down some of the main traits required, I realised, it seemed alphabetical! So here I am sharing the top 10 qualities that a leader can display during crisis. Tweak it to suit your requirement.

Adaptable – A leader needs to know how to adapt. In times of crisis, situations are unprecedented. Hence as the situation warrants, a leader needs to adjust and do what is right in the best interest of the organisation and the team.

Brainstorm – Collective wisdom is always better than a single person’s wisdom. Hence the leader should involve all the team members, leverage on the strengths of the team and bring out the best solutions.

Collaborate – A smart leader will be on the lookout for collaborations to create win-win strategies. Collaboration could be both internal as well as external. The idea is to tide over the crisis successfully.

Driven – When there is a deep passion to be successful, a leader will be driven to achieving the goal, despite challenges. And in the process will take the team along, steer the team towards the objective and get things done.

Empathetic – It is only human to panic during a crisis. Therefore, displaying empathy is highly essential for a good leader. By doing so and understanding the teams’ requirements, the leader can win over the trust of the team and together they can win.

Focussed – Despite many distractions, by being focussed on the tasks to accomplish and the goals to achieve, the leader knows how to navigate through the rough terrain. All of the leader’s actions are focussed towards winning over crisis.

Guide – The leader is a guide to the team members. The teams look upon the leader as a source of inspiration and to lead them out of the challenges and threats that are being faced.

High Performance – The leader is one who walks the talk. The leader leads by example. The leaders’ actions speak for itself. By being a high performer, the leader motivates others to follow suit.

Inspire – Knowing how to bring out the best in each person, a leader inspires, which makes the team member to feel good and thereby do more. A leader, kindles and provokes the thoughts of the team, which makes them more inspired.

Judicious – Careful, cautious and right decisions within the time available, especially in a crisis, is what makes the leader outstanding and lead with conviction. Having the necessary insight and the required foresight, the leader brings together the team and delivers the desired outcome.

A person is a leader is not always by birth. By acquiring the right skills and displaying leadership qualities, I am certain anyone can be a great leader. Because leadership is also about having the right mindset. Wishing you all success in your journey as a leader.